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Basement Remodeling Long Island

Basement finishing is one of the quickest ways to add a new room to your Long Island home without the higher expense of a room addition.

Because most basements are unfinished, and used for storing all the things you’ve forgotten you have, it is a relatively simple job for a home remodeling contractor to add quality living space to your home without losing valuable square feet from the rest of your property.

At Built Right Renovations, we can help you decide how your new basement can best meet your new needs. Whether for a growing family, who is not yet ready to move, or for families just looking for extra space, we can help you gain additional room at minimum expense.

But you don’t have to stop with the basics. Today’s basements can be converted to rooms as elegant and open as any in your primary living spaces. Popular Long Island basement remodeling projects include saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms. Or, of course, you might want to add or relocate your laundry room, freeing up main floor space.


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Finding extra living space without adding on might be only a flight of stairs away. Homeowners with a basement have the unique opportunity to turn unused space into a great living space–all without adding on extra square footage to their home. In fact, finishing a basement is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to increase living space in a home.

A Dry Basement on Long Island starts with Site Management

Roof overhangs and eaves not only aid in preserving your above-grade walls by preventing water infiltration, but they also prevent water from flowing directly along the exterior of the foundation wall, where it can enter the basement. While other solutions may also be warranted, adding overhangs to a house without them should be considered whenever roof work takes place.

Curtain drains installed above the house can effectively channel runoff away from the foundation to a lower portion of the site. Drains should terminate at daylight.

Regrading the site directly around your home to slope away from the foundation prevents the pooling of runoff and can help direct water around your home to a lower portion of the site where it’s no longer a threat to the basement.

Basement-window sills should be at least 4 in. above grade. This can be accomplished with a window well of stone, metal, or timber. The base of the window well should have a minimum of 12 in. of stone or drainable fill.

Gutters and downspouts are critical in channeling rainwater and snowmelt from the roof away from the house. However, a downspout that terminates too closely to the house can saturate the ground next to the foundation. Downspouts should ultimately terminate to daylight at a lower portion of the site.

Ground gutters made of a EPDM membrane installed below grade will keep water from migrating down the exterior face of the foundation wall. The membrane can be installed under perimeter planting beds, 12 in. to 16 in. below grade.

Before beginning any basement remodeling work, make the effort to minimize the amount of water challenging the foundation walls. By keeping storm water, snowmelt, and runoff away from your home, you decrease the risk level of the basement renovation, which can help reduce the cost and complexity of the remodeling work. Here are the primary things to keep in mind as you create a strategy for keeping water away from the foundation.

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Why Long Island Should Hire Us For Their Basement Finishing

When it comes to basement finishing in Long Island, homeowners depend on Built Right Renovations for quality remodeling service. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our basement remodeling projects. Since day one, our main focus has been to provide unmatched customer satisfaction throughout each project we begin.

Built Right Renovations is a fully licensed and insured basement finishing company based in Amityville, NY. We provide basement finishing services in both Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Call us at 888.474.3464 for a basement remodeling estimate by our factory trained craftsmen.


Professional Basement Remodeling

There are many ways to transform a basement area into an attractive and inviting space that can be used on a daily basis. Rather than letting your basement go to waste and losing the extra square footage it provides, Basement Refinishing Long Island can help you remodel your basement to suit your needs and lifestyle. Enjoy greater comfort and relaxation in a custom space built with your family in mind.

Long Island Finished Basements

An unfinished basement reduces the value of your house and leaves your home incomplete. Many possibilities can open up when you decide to finish your basement. You can enjoy the additional space and comfort offered by an extra bedroom or bathroom, or create a flexible space that can be used for recreation or entertaining. Basement Refinishing Long Island will help you make it happen with our professional basement finishing and renovation services.

Finishing A Basement

​Basement finishing costs are highly attractive compared to the expense of building an addition or buying a larger home. There is so much space available in the basement of a house that often goes unused by the homeowners. A finished basement allows you to make the most out of this area, whether you decide to use it as a home theater or a rental unit. Our basement remodeling contractors will help you execute your vision with precision and care.

​Long Island Basement Finishing

Finished basements can increase the value and desirability of any house. The basement serves as a flexible indoor space that can be useful for a variety of purposes that include additional sleeping quarters, recreational space, or a home gym. Basement Refinishing Long Island works with customers to create a tailored space that meets the requirements of your family and your lifestyle.

Complete Basement Renovation

Basement remodeling is a cost effective way to renovate and customize a house. Often the basement provides a wide open space that is highly versatile. A few changes can create an additional bedroom or an extra bathroom for your family to use. The only limit to what you can do with your basement is your imagination. At Basement Refinishing Long Island, we are able to bring any vision to life for you.

Best Basement Updating on L.I.

A finished basement can double the amount of usable space available to you. Not only will you have a much more pleasant and comfortable area to use as you would like, but you can easily choose to add additional bedrooms and bathrooms to comfortably accommodate your family, guests, and more.

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